Translation & Conference Interpretation

Organizing an international event? You may need translation and interpretation to get your message across effectively. Translation is done in a written manner; conference interpretation is orally done. We can help you identify the kind of conference interpretation most suited for your event.

Our Conference Interpreters

We offer an elite group of professional interpreters, all of whom are experienced interpreters in international conferences worldwide. Many of our interpreters accompany government officials and several are former United Nations interpreters.

Types of Conference Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

This is real time interpretation, done simultaneously as the speaker is giving his speech. Simultaneous interpreters deliver their interpretation from an enclosed booth on-site; the target audience will listen to the interpretation via individual headsets. Due to the intensity of real-time interpretation, simultaneous interpreters will always work in pairs.

Simultaneous interpretation has the advantage of allowing the conference to be interpreted simultaneously into multiple languages concurrently, without the speaker ever having to pause for any interpretation to be done. The conference can thus start and end as scheduled. Simultaneous interpreting is frequently used in international meetings such as multinational annual general meetings, international product launches and global sales presentations.

Consecutive Interpretation

In consecutive interpretation, speakers have to pause after every few minutes to allow the interpreter time to interpret. Consecutive interpretation works best in face-to-face meetings such as negotiations.

Written Translation

Translation is the interpretation of written text into your desired language. We work with a selected group of qualified language specialists and select the best candidate for your job. Knowing that even bilingual individuals can rarely express themselves in a given subject equally well in both languages, we will choose only those who can translate documents into his or her native language.

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